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V60 Pour Over Brewing Method


Brew time: 3-5 minutes

  • Pre-heat your kettle to 90-96 degrees C.
  • For one serve, we’ll be using 20g of coffee to about 300g of water. You can double this ratio for more.
  • Grind 20g of medium-coarse coffee grounds.
  • Add filter paper to your brewer. Wet your filter to remove any paper tastes.
  • Add the coffee to the filter, and create a little well. On your scale make sure it’s tarred so you can monitor how much water you are putting in.
  • Start your timer and pour 80g of water over the coffee in a circular motion. This part is important- the coffee is degassing. Agitate the coffee well by stirring with a paddle to allow the coffee to bloom.
  • Let this sit for 45 seconds. Add 170g of water and give it another stir.
  • Wait another 45 seconds.
  • For the last 30 seconds you’ll add 50g of water. Let this drip through.
  • Throw filter away, your cup of coffee is ready to go.

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