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Rancilio Silvia V5 1 Group


A semi professional entry level specialty coffee machine. A single boiler machine delivering high grade espresso for anyone. Super simple easy to set up.

* Iron supporting frame
* Body and control panel in satin stainless steel
* 300ml brass boiler – latest removable steel element
* Commercial group head
* 2 Litre removable water tank
* 3-way solenoid valve
* Stainless Steel drip tray and grate
* Coffee, steam and safety thermostats
* 15 Bar Pump Pressure (calibrated at 9-10 bar)
* Insulated Boiler


Group Handle (portafilter) with double spout, two stainless steel filter baskets (7 & 14 gram) for making either single or double shots of espresso, coffee tamper, measuring spoon, rubber back flushing disc, an instruction booklet, a user friendly information sheet explaining how to get started and operate your Rancilio Silvia.
Cosmetic updates on the Silvia are:
– Redesigned Steam Knob
– Ergonomic group handle now features the Rancilio logo
– This model now also comes with an insulated boiler and redesigned main indicator light (middle switch).