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Rhinowares Hand Grinder Compact


Have the ability to grind coffee anywhere you go, don’t let the compact design fool you the grinders features include ceramic burrs and a stainless still body.

Grind Straight Into Aeropress – Features an adapter that allows you to grind directly into the Aeropress, rather than a grounds catcher.

Compact Body – Slim and small enough to fit inside the Aeropress plunger itself.

Conical Ceramic Burrs – Durable and capable of grinding coffee with precision for french press to espresso and everything in between.

Simple Grind Size Adjusting – Easily repeatable grind setting nut that makes switching grind sizes quick and painless.

Protective Carrying Bag – Includes a carrying bag for easy storage while traveling.

Stainless Steel Body – Food safe, easy to clean, and durable enough to take around the world.