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Isomac Professionale On Demand Grinder


An effective yet affordable option,

On-demand grinding happens with the portafilter button. Simply push your portafilter into it to dispense fresh grounds directly into your portafilter. The small stainless steel construction will keep this small-footprint grinder from taking up more space than necessary in your kitchen.


38mm Burrs — Stainless steel conical burrs give you a quick, precise grind.

Stepped Grind Adjustments — Quickly and easily switch back and forth between settings to find the right one for any particular bean.

Push Dosing — Press your portafilter directly into the dosing button for on-demand grinding.

Doserless Grinding — Grinds directly into your portafilter, ensuring no grounds go to waste.

Small Footprint — Space-conscious design ensure this grinder doesn’t take up more space than necessary in your kitchen.

Perfect For Home — Designed to empower home espresso makers without forcing you to spend more than is necessary on an entry-level grinder.